The Union is a network of churches based in Pretoria, South Africa. These churches have come together to form a network in order to maximise their Kingdom impact through the sharing of resources, leveraging of one another’s strengths and the provision of accountability and support.

Inclusion in the network has contributed to the health of these churches which can be seen in them reproducing themselves through new church plants.

They have already effectively partnered in the planting of a number of diverse churches with the hope that collectively they will reach more of the cultures and languages represented in the city than they can each do on their own. God has produced life in their midst in this way, and the desire is to see this happen many times over, both in Pretoria and on the African continent.

Driven by a shared conviction that what South Africa and indeed the rest of Africa need above all else, are more gospel-centered churches. It’s concluded that a church planting centre will best be able to harness what is already being done by the network, but scale it to more effectively play a part in addressing the rapidly developing demographic needs of Africa.

This can be done by more effectively creating awareness, recruiting planters and mobilizing resources. The network has access to the collective wisdom of global church planting networks and experienced local practitioners who act as trainers and mentors.

By centralizing and systematizing some of this, an incubator can be created where there will be amplified sharing of knowledge and best practices which will, in turn, stimulate innovation, develop well-contextualized training resources and export that which might be useful elsewhere.

The diverse nature of the churches in the network means that exposure can be given to varied planting models, each adapted for its specific context but all focused on urban settings.